Meet Alaxis Aesthetic Doctors

Dr. Donald Ng
MBBS (Singapore)
Diploma of Dermatology (University of Cardiff, Wales, UK)

Dr Donald Ng is an experienced physician with great interest in cosmetic medicine and surgery.  He is energetic and constantly looking for better and more effective treatments with a network of doctors. He believes in seeking as much training as possible in cosmetic surgery and medicine as he knows clearly that the standard in this field is very high and there are many more experienced doctors then himself. To this endeavor, he has taken formal fellowship training and board examinations in cosmetic medicine and surgery. In addition, he has traveled all over Asia and trained with many experts in the field. He counts himself fortunate to have many mentors in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand as these countries represent uniquely asian cosmetic surgery which is distinctly different. He has also trained in liposuction in Belgium, Italy and Canada. He is not a plastic surgeon by training and works under the supervision of his associate, Dr Sundarason. He does not train in any reconstructive work, only cosmetic work.

Motto: The journey to medical mastery is a never ending road. One needs to take it with a humble and receptive mind and heart. In the company of true masters, one cannot but be greatly humbled.

SMC Registered Qualification:

MBBS (Singapore)
Diploma of Dermatology (University of Cardiff, Wales, UK)

For a detailed CV of Dr Donald Ng kindly email to request.

Trained with the following experts:

  • Dr Zurek Longin – Cosmetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgicenter of Sydney, Australia
  • Prof Niwat Polnikorn – Dermatologist, Kasemrad Aesthetics Center, Bangkok
  • Prof Song – Plastic Surgeon, Shanghai East Hospital, China
  • Prof Cuong – Cosmetic Surgeon, Saigon Hospital of Cosmetic Surgery, Vietnam
  • Dr Steven Mulholland – Plastic Surgeon, SpaMedica, Toronto, Canada
  • Dr Jimmy Chuang – Plastic Surgeon, Wish Plastic Surgery, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Dr Park Young Jin – Plastic Surgeon, K Samsung Plastic Surgery, Seoul, Korea
  • Dr Kevin Cheng – Plastic Surgeon, Macau
  • Prof Nikolay Serdev – Plastic Surgeon, Bulgaria
  • Dr Kunihiko Nohira – Plastic Surgeon, Soshundo Plastic Surgery, Sapporo, Japan
  • Dr Keizo Fukuta – Plastic Surgeon, Verite Cosmetic Surgery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr Toshitsugu Hirohi – Plastic Surgeon, Ritz Cosmetic Surgery, Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr Kenichiro Imagawa – Plastic Surgeon, Yokobi Hair Transplant, Yokohama, Japan
  • Dr Tsutomu Mizuno – Cosmetic Surgeon, Anesis Total Beauty Clinic , Nagoya, Japan
  • Dr Yukio Shirakabe  – Plastic Surgeon, Sapho Clinic, Roppongi , Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr Kao Chuan-Hsiang – Facial Plastic Surgeon, Tri-service General Hospital, Taiwan
  • Dr Damkerng Pathomvanich – Hair Tranplant Surgeon, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dr Kwi-Ho Park – Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, Cohen Rhinoplasty, Seoul, Korea
  • Dr Kotaro Yoshimura – Plastic Surgeon, Professor in Tokyo Medical University, Japan.
He is approved by MOH to perform liposuction as well as a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures. He is the director of training for S.E. Asia for American Board of Laser Surgery. He is also the BODYTITE clinical trainer for Asia (Bodytite is a RF assisted- Liposuction Technology from the US).

Appointed as Clinical Advisor in Cosmetic Surgery to Kasemrad Aesthetic Center, Kasemrad Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Appointed as International Clinical Trainer in Cosmetic Surgery to Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Niranlada Clinic.

Speaker History:

  1. 1st and 2nd Advance Aesthetic Workshop in Bangkok organized by Prof Niwat Polnikorn , Clinical Prof of Dermatology (Jun 2009, Jan 2010).
  2. 53rd World Congress of the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Seoul (Nov 2009) organized by the Korean Academy of Cosemetic Surgery : Threadlift for Face
  3. IMCAS Singapore Jul 2011 : Bodytite RF assisted Liposuction and TiteFx non-invasive fat killer.
  4. Taiwan Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Congress Oct 7-9 2011 Taipei.  Lower face sliming procedures.
  5. Cutting Edge SICAAAMS 2012 Geneva Apr 2012: Lower Face Slimming, Melasma Treatment, Combination Liposuction, Periorbital Rejuvenation with Fillers, HA for Cheek Augmentation.
  6. The 100th Congress of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Tokyo May 2012 : Lower Face Slimming.
  7. IMCAS Shanghai July 2012 : Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation, Lower Face Slimming, Melasma Treatment with Laser
  8. The 8th Annual Scientific Congress of Ho Chi Minh Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery. August 2012 : Lower Face Contouring
  9. 13th World Congress of Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery: Shenzhen China, Oct 2012: Fat Transfer to Breast, Facial Slimming.
  10. Cosmetex 2013 Melbourne Apr 2013 : Fat Transfer to Breast, Facial Contouring with RF Masseter Muscle Ablation, Facial Contouring in the Asian Patient.
  11. 14th APACS Oct 2013 : World Congress on “Comprehensive Facial Enhancement: How the Masters Do It” : Treatment of Melasma. Facial Sliming.
  12. 43rd PSCS annual convention Sep 2014 : Fat transfer to Breast, Facial Contouring with RF masseter muscle ablation, Treatment of Melasma.
  13. American Board Hair Restoration Exams 2014, Held in KL, Malaysia. Participated as Examiner for oral Examination.
He believes in obtaining and providing clinical training as much as possible in cosmetic medicine and surgery and being exposed to the innovations happening all over the world and especially in Asia. To this end, he sets time to travel overseas every month to learn and interact with senior cosmetic doctors. This is the only way we can provide satisfactory treatment and care for our patients.

Dr. R Sundarason (Associate Plastic Surgeon)

Accredited Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Ministry of Health) M.B.B.S. (Melb.), F.R.C.S. (England), F.R.A.C.S. (Plastic Surgery) (Aus.), F.A.M.S. (Plastic Surgery)

QUALIFICATION/PROFESSIONAL: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Melbourne) Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (England) Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (Glasgow) Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (Plastic Surgery) Fellow of Academy of Medicine Singapore (Plastic Surgery)

Dr. R. Sundarason received his training both in surgery and plastic surgery. He held a post of Senior Lecturer in General Surgery at the Department of Surgery in the University of Singapore.He was appointed part time visiting consultant in plastic surgery by the Ministry of Health until 1992. Dr. R. Sundarason was also appointed to the Board of Examiners of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.Dr. R. Sundarason is accredited as a specialist plastic surgery by Ministry Of Health. He was one of the founding members of the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeon, and the Singapore Society of Cosmetic (Aesthetic Surgery.) Dr. R. Sundarason is very experienced and highly qualified. He also treated both acute and post burnt deformity cases including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Leprosy patients. His graduate and postgraduate trainings were completed in Australia, United Kingdom and the USA. He is a Fellow of 3 Royal Collages of Surgeons (England, Glasgow and Australia) and the Fellow of Academy of Medicine (Singapore) in plastic surgery. He was also awarded the Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.). Dr Sundarason has extensive experience in cosmetic and hair restoration surgeries.

We adhere to the standards set by MOH closely and all cosmetic surgical procedures are performed in accordance to its standards. Dr Sundarason performs all cosmetic surgeries that requires a consultant plastic surgeon.