Non-invasive Fat Busting / Cellulite machine – Tite FX and Zeltique

We would like to introduce Zeltique – a non invasive fat reduction technology – Cool scuplting

It uses cold at a controlled measure to melt and kill fat cells.

TiteFx : another non-invasive fat reduction technology.

This technology uses 2 modalities to kill fat cells and tighten skin and also treat cellulite at the same time.

a. High voltage pulse -Its like an electric shock to break down the fat cells.
b. Controlled RF heating – to tighten the skin and treat irregularity due to cellulites.

It is performed once a week over 8 sessions to achieve 30-50% reduction in fat.



We are able to reduce and re-fashion the outer lips of the vagina.

After child birth and with age, the vagina lips may become extended, darkened and loose. One loses the appearance of the young vagina which has much smaller yet full and light coloured vagina lips.

We can do procedure under local anaethesia. We can trim the excess skin and tissue of the outer vagina to an appealing shape. We use small stitches to recreate a youthful appearance.

The procedure takes about 45 – 60 mins.

The procedure is generally very safe. Risk of any surgery applies – bleeding and infection.

As the vagina is highly vascularized, the healing is rapid. Removal of stitches in 7 days. However, one has to abstain from sexual intercourse for 2-3 weeks, until complete healing occurs.

Please note that all before and after pictures have been removed as MOH do not allow such pictures to be published in the website or on any promotional material.