Incisional Double Eyelid

Open Upper BlepharoplastyIn this approach, we make an incision along the former double eyelid line. From that line we remove excess skin and also fat. It is important to maintain the natural double eyelid line in most cases to achieve a natural effect. If our aim is to create a deeper crease or a more prominent double eyelid, there is no need to cut a new line that’s much higher that the original. In our opinion, that may result in a Caucasian double eyelid and make the eyes looks unnatural. If our aim is to create a more prominent double eyelid, we only need to stitch the crease higher and more securely to the underlying structure. This is also the method we can employ to create larger eyes.

The length of the wound will depend on the aim of the operation. If we only need to reduce the amount of fat, we would only need to make a small incision. A smaller incision will heal much faster. If we need to remove a lot of excess skin, like in an older patient, then we need to extend the incision laterally, even close to the bony rim of the eye. We have operated on several elderly patients who have so much excess skin that the outer edge of the eye is semi-covered.

The wound will be closed with very fine stitches that can be removed after one week. There will be some swelling and bruising and the double eyelid crease will take 1 – 3 months to settle and appear natural. Most patients resume work after 3-7 days depending on the rate of healing. All eye operations are done under local anaethesia and oral sedation. They are generally small and safe operations. Operative risks include bleeding and infection. In all situations, the eye globe is protected and not involved in the operation. Patients will be given antibiotic medications and anti-swelling medications for a week.

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