Incisional Eyebag

Open BlepharoplastyIn this procedure, we make an incision under the eyelashes. Depending on the issues, we will have to remove fat from the fat pad, transplant some fat into the tear tough area, close up and tighten the wall, perform a skin lift and then remove excess skin. These steps vary according to the needs of the patient and are customized accordingly.

There will be very small stitches placed along the incision line and these will be removed at 5 days. As these are small stitches, most patients will be able to go back to work after resting for 3-4 days. Immediately post operation, there may be swelling and some bruising. The amount of bruising is dependent on the ease of the operation and the patient’s individual condition. It is of paramount importance that the patient does not consume medications or supplements that lead to more bleeding for at least 1 week. These include:

1.    Aspirin, NSAID
2.    Warfarin
3.    Vitamin C, Vitamin E Supplements
4.    Ginko, Ginseng Supplements

It is also important to stop or reduce smoking as that can lead to a slower wound healing.




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