Non-Incisional Double Eyelid

Scarless Stitching Method We can use fine sutures to create the double eyelid crease without any wound. Each suture holds the double eyelid fold down to the underlying attachment (Tarsal) on a double structure fashion allowing for a stable and strong double eyelid. There is an interwining pattern of sutures to securely attach the double eyelid crease to the tarsal which forms a strong and stable attachment.

There is usually minimal bruising or swelling, you will be able to go back to your normal routine. The initial suturing may be slightly tighter and after 2-4 weeks it will settle down and become stable. This procedure is simple and quick but we usually take our time to measure and align the sutures symmetrically.

The main problem with the technique is that we do not cut any skin or fat so we cannot address excess or bulky eyelids. We are also not able to enlarge the eye or perform any ptosis correction. Another possible problem is that the sutures may give way and the double eyelid may be lost in some cases, but such is not a major setback as it’s easy to add an additional suture to provide more support if needed on follow-up.

Other problems may include developing infection or inflammation (inclusion cysts). In such case, we will elect to remove the stitches.

Nonetheless, it will remain a popular procedure especially for younger patients who want to obtain a double eyelid easily with little downtime. But, it will not be sufficient for all patients, especially patients with ptosis and heavy eyelids.



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