RF Jaw reduction (this procedure is done only in Bangkok currently)

This method is developed in Korea to address the short lived effects of Botox injections, the result is longer lasting (5-7 years) with much lesser downtime compare to full surgical muscle resection. Nonetheless, the downtime is much more significant compared to botox injections.


RF jaw reduction is a minimally invasive procedure done under local anaesthesia, the RF machine is used to ablate the jaw muscle leading to jaw muscle reduction, the effect is similar to Botox just that the results are more permanent then Botox. There will be a downtime of 1-2 weeks of slight swelling, much more then Botox.


Possible risks include bleeding and infection. These are generally uncommon. Salivary duct injury is a rare complication that is prevented by proper training. The main complaint and consideration from this procedure is the downtime of 1-2weeks with post-operative swelling. The swelling can be significant in the 1st few days requiring leave from work in some of the patients we had.

After procedure

Most patients may experience mild swelling and a sore sensation in the jaw muscle and will be able to function normally. Patients can consume light food for the first week. The results will appear in 4-8 weeks after procedure.

There is a clinical paper published. The study was done in Korea by Dr Park Young Jin, Plastic Surgeon. He has trained us in the procedure.

This procedure is not performed in Singapore but in Bangkok.

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