Scarless Eye Bag Operation

This term has been coined by some and is gaining popularity. Generally, we are doing a tranconjunctival blepharoplasty. There is still an incision but it’s in the conjunctival which is inside the eyelid. You cannot see this incision thus the name scarless. We are able to use this approach to enter the eye bag area and remove the fat.

It is done under local anaethesia and is a quick procedure. As its done within the eye on the inner eyelid area, an eye shield is used. We then use laser to cut the inner eyelid area, making a small incision, sufficient to access the fat and remove it gently. If this procedure is performed well, there would be little bleeding / bruising and also swellig.

This technique is used for management of the fat issue, but it cannot deal with the sagging skin and excess skin problems. You must remember that if we can deal with skin using lasers after the operation then we wouldn’t be providing any other eyebag operation. There is very little downtime and patients go back to work the next day.

Risk of the procedure: Its generally a safe procedure, but needs to be done carefully and skillfully as there is a risk of bleeding as the tissue around the eyes are very delicate.


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